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How to Build the Perfect Capsule Jewellery Collection

Just like every gal could do with a capsule wardrobe (a selection of clothes that gives you a variety of outfits and styles) you need a capsule jewellery collection to go with your wardrobe. I’ve pulled together my top tips for building a capsule jewellery collection.


Step 1: Gold or Silver? 

What’s your metal colour of choice? Decide on this upfront, so that you’re buying jewellery that suits your skin tone. You can mix your metals if you want to, but that might limit the combinations of necklaces and earrings that you can wear.

Step 2: Statement vs. Everyday 

You’ll wear your everyday pieces, everyday 😃 So I recommend that you pick a quality base material such as solid gold or sterling silver. These pieces will last you a lifetime. Gold plating can rub off over time, so if you’re going to be showering, swimming or exercising in your jewellery know that it may only look as fabulous for about a year. 

Step 3: How Pieces of Jewellery Do I Need?


  • 1 - 2 pairs of everyday earrings 
  • 1 - 3 statement earrings  


  • 1 everyday necklace 
  • 1 - 3 statement necklaces

Rings & Bangles

As many or as little as you like 😃,  rings and bangles are like frosting on the cake. You can go super decorative or minimal- it's up to you and your personal style. 

If that was a bit of a whirlwind for you, I’ve written a longer version below to guide your through the process.  

Everyday Jewellery 

Everyday Studs and Sleepers



These are your staples. The earrings you wear day in and day out. But just because they are your everyday pair, it doesn’t mean you have to go bland. You can still pick something that expresses your personality and style.  

You need one or two pairs of everyday studs. And because you’re going to wear these A LOT, I suggest you buy either sterling silver or solid gold. These will last you a lifetime. They become part of your skin, like a tattoo that you never have to take them off. I even sleep in my gold sleepers, they are that comfortable. 

If you can’t shell out the dollars for solid gold right now, the next best option is a sterling silver base set of earrings. Here are a few sterling silver options that have been gold-plated. These you’ll need to take off when you shower or swim in the sea. If you don’t, they’re not going to rust, but over time the gold plating will wear off. The good thing is, if you love them, you can always get them plated again by a jeweller at a small cost.  And if you grow out of them, then they didn’t cost you that much, so you can replace them without feeling cheated 😃

Everyday Necklaces


This is your signature necklace. You wear it everyday. You sleep in it, you shower in it, you swim in it. You never take it off. For this reason, I suggest you go for a solid gold or sterling silver necklace. If you pick a gold-plated necklace and you wear it all the time, the gold plating will start to rub off. But like I said, if you love it, you can always get it re-plated for a small cost.

A solid gold necklace will cost you anything between $150 - $300+ depending on if you want a diamond or semi-precious stone. We have a small collection of 14K gold necklaces, but alas no diamonds at this stage.

Here are my solid gold picks from our range:  

But if you’re not able to fork out for solid gold, then sterling silver is your best bet. Sterling silver is more affordable than gold but just as hardy. Here are our selection of everyday sterling silver necklaces: 

Everyday Rings


You talk and express yourself with your hands and a ring or two will really define your style. At the risk of repeating myself, again if you want to wear your rings all the time, you’ll have to choose either a solid gold or sterling silver ring. 

Here are a few of our tops picks for everyday rings: 

Make a Statement 

Onto the statement jewellery- these are the unique pieces that you roll out when you have a special occasion, when you need to lift your mood, or when you just want to stand out from the crowd. At MyJulz we specialise in statement jewellery because we just love being different. So you’re in good hands.

Statement Earrings

You want to have 2 - 3 pairs of statement earrings. Because you’re only wearing these on certain occasions, you don’t have to have too many pairs. You also don’t need to invest in solid gold or sterling silver. Gold plating, brass and other more affordable materials are perfect for your statement earrings. With statement jewellery, you’re shopping for style.

  • The Big Cat Earrings 
  • Sun in a Moon Studs 
  • Geo Turquoise Drops 
  • Blue and Gold Earrings
  • Gold Squiggle Earrings
  • Organic Brass Earrings 

      Statement Necklaces      


    You can never have too many statement necklaces. These can really turn a plain outfit into something super stylish. We recommend you have between 1 - 3 statement necklaces that work with a variety of colour and necklines. We have a wide choice of statement necklaces, from elegant pearls for a smart occasion, to bold and beautiful for a real statement.   

    Statement Bangles


    The arm has been a forgotten limb when it comes to jewellery, with most gals focusing on necklaces, rings and earrings. But bangles and bracelets can really elevate an outfit and create a more cohesive look. We recommend bangles that you can slip on easily over your hand for a quick dressing.

    So there you have it. Happy shopping while you build your perfect capsule jewellery collection.

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