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Product Care

At MyJulz, we have confidence in the quality of jewellery, but then again, nothing lasts forever. We want you to enjoy your MyJulz piece for years and years to come. Below are some suggestions below as to how to make your statement piece remain shiny and full of life.                                                       

General Suggestions For All Jewellery 

  • Remove jewellery before you shower or go swimming in the sea or pool (i.e. avoid contact with chlorine or saltwater which causes damage to metals).
  • Remove jewellery when doing any hard manual work or vigorous exercise (i.e. best to take it off if there is a risk of scratching or denting).
  • Do not expose jewellery to chemicals such as household bleach, extreme temperatures (i.e. sauna), perfumes and cosmetics. All of these serve to damage and dull your jewellery in the long-run.
  • Store your jewellery in a clean, dry place in a fabric-lined case or in a box with compartments and dividers. If you prefer to use ordinary boxes, wrap each piece individually in soft tissue paper.
  • Don't jumble your jewellery pieces in a drawer or jewellery case. Pieces can scratch each other, so it is best to be organised and keep them separate. 
  • Keeping link or chain bracelets unclasped or unhooked will prevent scratching as well.
  • If you live in a very humid climate, consider storing your jewellery in a box with a package of silica gel or activated charcoal.

Product Care for Specific Metals

14/18k Gold 

  • Luckily, gold is not as reactive to air and skin as sterling silver, but still needs to be cleaned occasionally to keep its shine. 
  • For cleaning,  a soft polishing cloth, lukewarm water and a detergent-free soap will do the trick.  Mix a squeeze of mild dish detergent with warm water in a bowl. Put the gold item into the soap mixture and let sit for a few minutes. Use a soft toothbrush to gently scrub the jewellery. Remove item from soapy water, rinse it and dry thoroughly with a soft polishing cloth. 

18k/22k Gold-Plated Sterling Silver  

  • Bumps and scratches will cause the gold layer to wear away faster, as will household chemicals. Store your gold-plated jewellery in a velvet-lined box, or wrap it in a soft material that will prevent scratches.
  • Lightly wipe your gold-plated jewellery with a damp cotton cloth. This will help to eliminate any dirt or dust from accumulating on the surface and wearing away the gold layer.
  • Use a non-abrasive polishing cloth and gently rub to restore shine.

Sterling Silver 

  • The good news is that wearing your jewellery can actually help avoid tarnish. Correct, the oils in your skin will keep it looking shiny, so wear it often.
  • Ideally, you will want to avoid exposure to household chemicals and perspiration, so best to take your jewellery off for house work.   
  • Lotions, cosmetics and perfumes should only be put on before your jewellery to avoid accelerating the tarnish process. 
  • Remember that silver is a relatively soft metal, so you will want to ensure that it is individually stored, away from other jewellery to avoid scratching. 
  • Silver is highly reactive to air and moisture, so try keep your silver dry at all times and if possible, store in a air-tight sealed bag for maximum protection.
  • For a shiny, polished finish, use a lint-free microfibre, or other soft nonabrasive cloth. It's best to not use paper towels or tissues as they contain fibres that can scratch the silver. When polishing, use long back-and-forth motions that mirror the grain of the silver. Do not rub in circles, as this will magnify any tiny scratches. Also, change to a different section of your cloth frequently to avoid placing tarnish back on the silver. 

Oxidised silver  

  • Oxidised silver is intended to look darkened, matte and black, so please don't polish it. 
  • Due to natural skin oils, oxidised silver will become shinier over time.
  • To slow that process down, remember that chemicals will remove the oxidisation patina, so keep away from soap and other cleaning agents.
  • We suggest a clean microfibre cloth and lukewarm water, making sure to dry properly once done.


    • Pearls are very soft and will need extra care and attention.
    • We suggest that you don't store your pearls in a jewellery box next to other jewellery as the box and other pieces of jewellery can damage the pearls by scratching and nicking. Rather keep your pearl in a fabric-lined box or fabric pouch. 
    • Our skin naturally produces acids that can harm your pearls. If you like to wear your pearls often, it would be a good idea to wipe them down with a soft microfibre cloth after each wearing.
    • Over time, a pearl necklace will gradually absorb acid from the skin that will eat into the pearl causing it to lose its lustre. Wiping the pearls with either a wet or dry soft cloth will prevent dirt from accumulating and keep perspiration (which happens to be acidic), from eroding the nacre.
    • You can also use a drop of olive oil on your cleansing cloth to help maintain your pearls’ lustre. 
    • Along with being soft and easily scratched, pearls can be damaged by chemicals and heat. Only use jewellery cleaners that are clearly marked safe for pearls. Never use ultrasonic cleansers, dish or wash detergents, bleaches, baking soda or any ammonia-based cleansers. 
    • Always take off your pearls before using any cosmetics, hair spray, or perfume and avoid heat and dry air because both can cause pearls to turn brown, dry out, and crack.   
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