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Interested in a MyJulz piece but unsure of sizing? Look no further. We've included a brief guide below to ensure that your vision matches reality. 

Keep in mind that with designer, handmade necklaces, there aren't any "standard sizes" . Rings and bracelets however are a different story. 


Use this handy guide to get a sense of what to expect: 

  • 41cm - sits neatly around the neck as a choker 
  • 46cm - sits on the collarbone 
  • 61cm - sits just on or just below the bust 
  • 76cm - sits well below the bust 
  • 91cm - sits on the midriff


Luckily rings come in standard sizes. Keep in mind that MyJulz rings are identified in US-sizes

If you aren't sure about your ring size,  please have a quick look at our journal post about Measuring for Rings and Bracelets

 If you know your ring size, see our ring size guide below.

Ring Diameter (mm) US Size (MyJulz Sizes) UK Sizes (for MyJulz International Customers)
14.0 mm. 3 F
14.4 mm. G
14.8 mm. 4
15.2 mm.
15.6 mm. 5
16.0 mm. L
16.5 mm. 6 M
16.9 mm. N
17.3 mm. 7 O
17.7 mm. P
18.2 mm. 8 Q
18.6 mm.
19.0 mm. 9
19.4 mm.
19.8 mm. 10
20.2 mm. 10½
20.6 mm. 11
21.0 mm. 11½
21.4 mm. 12 Y
21.8 mm. 12½ Z
22.2 mm. 13 -
22.6 mm. 13½ -



MyJulz bracelets come in different sizes and there isn't a "standard size". Instead, we use small, medium and large. 

If you aren't sure about your bracelet size,  please have a quick look at our journal post about Measuring for Rings and Bracelets

If you know your size, see our size guide below. 

Size Wrist Diameter
Small 15cm - 16.5cm
Medium 16,5cm -   19,5cm
Large 20cm
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